1.5-3.0 ton Electric Forklift

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  • Provide the toughest trucks for even the most challenging applications
  • Environmentally friendly with less emissions and the lowest fuel consumption
  • To extend customer service worldwide to satisfy all customer need

Easy Operation

Mini Lever (optional)
The lifting and tilting function integrated in the mini lever enables a quick direction and operation. This guarantees fast maneuverable operation.

Joystick (optional)
The forward / reverse lever offer easy accessible fingertip control. It is easy to reach and also for fast and easy directional changes. Using the electric solenoid to control F/R is also improved flexibility of operation.

Adjustable Steer Column
Steer column can be adjusted easily to satisfy operator's needs. It increases serviceability and reduces tired feeling of the operator.

Fully hydrostatic steering system
There is no any mechanical connection in between steer wheel and steer column. With hydraulic feature, the turning force is small and with a quick response. It reduces tired feeling of the operator.

Hydraulic control lever
Ergonomic design of the hydraulic control valve, it operates easy, comfort and reducing tired feeling.

For Comfort

Suspension seat (optional)
Suspension chair is with comfort, stable and easy-to-ride features. Reducing harmfulness to the human body, it features with weight adjustment, incline adjustment and easy-to-move functions, and also to ensure operator in the best driving position.

Easy entry and exit
Free entry and exit step and handles offer operator a best and convenient way to get on and off the driving room.
Comfort driving space
Flat and wide floor and enough headspace will obtain operator with comfort operation while driving.
Wide front vision
Making wider distance for mast, it extends visual ability while operating the mast upward and downward.
Cup base
Built-in cup case is easy for operator to access drinks.

For Safety

Rear Combination Lighting equipments
Built-in lighting equipment on the rear beam enhances the visibility and avoids getting damage.

Dual rear wheels
Dual rear wheels are standard on all FBT series forklift trucks. Providing superior safety and stability while lifting and turning.

Wet Disc Brake
Disk brake has great friction coefficient. It increased lift cycle and thermic diffusion and performance for the braking system.

Using PMP transmission
-Low Noise
-Great Reliability
-Wet Brake System
-High Safety

Mast Lock System (optional)
The mast lock system automatically locks all lifting and tilting functions when the operator leaves the seat. It is to prevent operator from using the hydraulic functions and drive forklift truck when operator is not seat in proper position.

Hydraulic lift cylinder safety check valve
When the forks with loading are getting close to the ground, the system will automatically reduce speed to prevent goods hit the ground and damage goods.

For High Efficiency

Front dial drive motor system
Left and right wheels are with separate motors. Front wheels will automatically reverse in different way while the rear is turning to a certain angle. It offers smooth and safe turning in a small radius.
Multiple function of wise and compact display
Monitor displays driving speed, electricity, operate timing, operate information, automatic detecting mistake.
Hydraulic pump motor
AC hydraulic pump motor, can be adjust to low speed of output and provide sufficient power for turning and hydraulic functions.
AC System
Comparing with DC motors, the AC motors provide operator with more smooth, sensitive and quicker response of operation. No more maintenance for AC motors, which can extend the service life of the motors.