7.0-10 ton I.C. Forklift

Perfect performance
With over 30 years of manufacturing experience in forklift trucks, Tailift is proud to introduced 6-10 tons series of forklift trucks. Allowing our clients the flexibilities to choosing the most appropriate product out of our range to fit with its operating environment. Tailift is proud to introduce capacity from 6 to 10 ton of forklift trucks. The best value money for you to choose the most appropriate product & capacity for your operating environment.


Durable Hydraulic Steering System
Light steering, flexible operation, small turning radius
Tiltable Steering Column
The steering column can be adjusted and to provide the preferred operation position.
Joystick (optional)
The lifting and tilt function switch integrated in the joystick (optional) enables a quick direction and operation. This guarantees fast maneuverable operation.
Electric F/R Control Lever
The forward / reverse lever offer easy accessible fingertip control. It is east to reach and also for fast and easy directional changes. Using the electric solenoid to control F/R is also improved flexibility of operation.
Mast Lock System (optional)
The mast lock system automatically locks all lifting and tilting functions when the operator leaves the seat. It is to prevent operator from using the hydraulic functions and driving forklift truck when operator does not seat in proper position.
Electronic Accelerator Pedal
Offering controllable engine speed and quick respond is to shorten timing of accelerating. Subvert normal cable pedal by electric pedal. Improve accelerator response speed.
Deluxe Suspension Seat (optional)
Choosing Grammar seat suspension chair is to provide more tilting and parallel adjusting positions to the driver. The weight adjustment is to enhance the suspension system bringing the best driving environment to driver.
Wide Visual Heade Guard
Driver gets a best visibility when operates lifting mast upward while watching the mast action.
Easy Entry and Exit
Low height from floor and secure non-slip steel step provides the operator easy step in and out of the forklift.

Standard Equipment

Stable Double Front Wheel
Wide Angle Rear-View Mirror
Exhaust Pipe, Upward
Okamura Transmission
OKAMURA T/M is developed especially for forklifts and others types of industrial vehicles. By reversing the direction of the stator to double the torque, they automatically realize, with low gear, running performance at least equivalent to that of 2nd gear. OKAMURA transmission is a new multiple section type of torque convertor (2 section of torque transforming functions) developed especially for forklifts and other types of industrial vehicles. By reversing the direction of the stator to double the torque,they could automatically realize, on first gear, running performance of at least 2nd gear equivalent.
Advantage :
-Realizes smooth driving without requiring shifting.
-The torque ratio increases greatly.
-Simplifies speed shift elements to improve cost performance and ensure higher durability
Perkins 1106D-ENGINE
Perkins 1106D six-cylinder engine, horsepower to 117KW, is comparatively 30% higher horsepower than other brands. Adopting the most current high-pressure common rail fuel system, multiple injection, and oil injecting pressure 23000psi, high efficiency than previous generation engines. Adhere to EU stage III and US EPA Tier III environment exhaust standard, feature with low noise engine, noise improvement reaching 3-5(dpa), low fuel consumption. Tier III can be used for Tier IV regulation. Uses the ECU electronic control system, completely digital, engine self-diagnosis and protection function.