NA2.0 Narrow Aisle Electric Forklift

The magic master of the turning round
Allow your warehouse to extend further and more

It's the state of the art of storing more!

Tailift transaxle and chassis fabrication strong and durable bring the high quality you need.
High strength of driving axle system and slewing ring, durable more than 10 years

Features & Equipment

A. Grammer Suspension Seat
Practical design with seatback angle adjustment to give your back full support and make sure feel your best.
Weight adjustment with optimum suspension for all operators.
Seatbelt system provides maximum freedom of movement and safety restrained in your seat.
B. Easy Battery Change
C. Tough Cushion Tyres
Four large cushion rubber tyres deliver great performance and traction in loading yard applications. They're also highly resistant to damage, which means a long service life and less downtime.

D. Tilting 'Clear Vision' Mast
Operators have superb forward visibility thanks to the triplex free lift mast, with its twin side mounted lift cylinders. Mast tilt design means easy fork entry into pallets - even over trailer retaining raves.
E. Electric Control System
Using the advanced DC motor, 9.6KW, manufactured in USA, the truck has the super cruising ability. In addition, it possesses a brush wear indication and temperature indication...etc. It is clear to you at one glance whether you need a timely maintenance.
The GE controller, used in the truck, offers you the delight of driving smoothly. The truck is equipped with the auto-detection and the display of the faults, making it easy and time saving for your maintenance.

F. Side Shift
Integral side shift as standard, making vehicle unloading easier and reducing the potential for load damage
G. Excolumnsent Traction - inside and out
NA 2.0's front drive wheels provide excolumnsent grip and traction in wet or slippery conditions when fully ladend. NA 2.0's four-wheel chassis ensures excolumnsent stability even over uneven surfaces.
NA 2.0 Narrow Aisle, the Electric Forklift Truck
-Works in very narrow aisles
-Lifts to height of 11m
-Loads like a counterbalance
-2000kg load capacity
-Easy operation inside and out!

Famous NA2.0 Performance

Working in very narrow aisles
-Large diameter cushioned rubber tyres ensure good performance and traction in yard applications in all weathers.
-NA 2.0 is 20% faster than conventional reach trucks when operated in a typical reach truck aisle of 2.7m wide.
-Two independent braking systems ensure safe, smooth braking in all conditions in an ergonomic automotive pedal layout.
-Takes uneven floors, slopes and wet surfaces in its stride.
-Front two wheel drive system increase traction when laden-safer and more productive.
-50% faster than conventional moving mast reach trucks when off-loading curtain sided vehicles.

How to improve warehouse profitably?
That's the challenge to any company involved in today's competitive and fast moving distribution business - and many have already found the answer in the NA 2.0.

This innovative lift truck has an articulated design that enables it to work in Very Narrow Aisles and outside in the loading yard. Giving you the combination of maximum storage space and maximum flexibility not possible with a counterbalance or a reach truck combination.

More efficient use of storage space and resources equals lower costs per pallet. In many cases, NA 2.0 can even lead to a reduction in the size of your forklift fleet and avoid warehouse extensions or relocation.

Until the NA 2.0 was introduced, companies has little alternative but to operate a two truck system with a counter balance working outside, feeding a reach truck inside. Now, thanks to the NA 2.0, many operators have been able to eliminate this costly, inefficient arrangement. Because the NA 2.0 loads and unloads lorries with ease delivering pallets directly into racking in a single operation, it increases efficiency and productivity, while abolishing double handling and the need - and cost - of an extra truck.

...means one truck for two roles can cut costs by 50%